Why I really like forex trading

Forex trading live

Forex trading gives us wonderful opportunities, but we can’t forget where are opportunities always a threat will accompany it. All below items are not available for newbies. I don’t want it to look natural or by default to everyone. For these things, you have to work and hard work, but when you achieve it you can enjoy things about you will read.

Here I want to explain why I like trading, in other words only positive minds 🙂

No boss
You don’t have to listen a boss because the only boss – you are. You don’t have to make reports and complete tasks or reporting.

Forex market works 24 hours 5 days per week, so you always can find time to trade, even if you work a regular day job. I trade using New York daily candle close, I mean I take an action after this candle close.

How about not work today? Ok, no problem, go to the cinema, even if today, Monday and 1 PM hour. Want to start the weekend on Thursday? Here you are!

Family time
As a swing trader, I don’t sit near charts all day, it’s enough for me about 1-2 hours per day, to look for new opportunities and monitor my active trades. Of course, my forex trading is not only finding opportunity and make decisions. Every day I’m trying not only to analyze charts but also to read what’s happening on the market, read other traders articles, watch videos and keep learning. After all, that I have still many times, so I enjoy this time with my family, especially with my little son. As well, I have decided to explore myself and write this blog; I have matched my forex passion trading and writing :).

Leverage gives us opportunities to trade much more value than we have deposits. Of Course, leverage doesn’t provide opportunities, but it can kill our deposits, but if we know that we do its opportunity.

It doesn’t matter where you are, New York, or in Berlin, or somewhere else, you are equal. Successful forex trading lets us travel and trade from a coffee shop, home, or beach.

Inexpensive commissions
I can notice that Forex trading comparing with stock trading has excellent commissions, so your trading costs cheap.

Not required equipment, premises
Forex trading requires only a computer and access to the internet. Usually, you have all these things and can trade or start learning to trade without any additional costs.

Only intellectual work
This business requires only mind labor and capital.

Not needed any special education
It doesn’t matter you graduate school, university and which profession, trading is possible for everyone.

Could be easily combined with other activities
Usually, people have their day job, so to trade forex and have additional incomes it is always open. It’s not easy becoming a full-time trader, but part time trader, it’s an excellent opportunity for everyone.

In the end, I want to say that forex trading it’s not only about good things, to attach all things above you have a hard and long way. Don’t think everything I have mentioned starts from your begging interesting or trading forex. These things, it’s you and I guess every trader’s goal.